Truck Breaks Down Again: Journal Entry 25

On Friday morning, we decide to go look for a Laundromat and buy some fresh veggies. We get the trailer unhooked and when we try to start the truck we find that it is dead again. Our first reaction is one of frustration and anger. What the heck is wrong with this truck! We just had it in the shop. Now it is doing exactly the same this time as it was before. You can imagine the stress and anxiety we feel now, knowing in our hearts that this has to be an expensive problem. So, we call the same dealership again. They send a tow truck. Bill calls them after a few hours and they tell us it is the electronic brain or some other term for that. Now we know we are sunk. Those things are expensive and we have very limited funds at this point. We also have no way to move forward.

What I find really amazing is that some of the campers find out we are stranded and bring us plates of food for supper. CNN just doesn’t get this true American spirit. There are so many good people in the United States.

Tomorrow is the day we are supposed to go to the horseshow at the Bannock County fair in Downey also. In order to get there we will have to arrange transportation. Bill gives Dave a call to see if he wants to go. He says he would love to but he has to pick up his wife who has been out of town caring for her ailing father. He thinks that Bob might want to go so we contact him. Bob is interested in going and says he will pick us up at 7a.m. Saturday morning.


What rotten truck luck lately. The mechanic made sure the camshaft position sensor and alternator were good before diagnosing the problem as a faulty motherboard?