Southside Large Animal Clinic to Altavista

Bill and Pete FulperThe sun was shining when Bill and Blackie head out from the Southside Large Animal Clinic. Brenda drove me to an old barn that was on the farm. After a few pictures we headed for Altavista. On the highway, we start noticing signs which state: “No pedestrians bicycles, animals, self propelled machinery,” etc. The sections of road where these signs are posted have more room for Bill to ride (we later realized that these sections go around towns). At this point we weren't sure what to make of this, as we had planned to take 29 all the way to Washington D.C.

We spot a few dangerous obstacles on business 29 leading into town.  There is a curved tunnel that goes through a hill and a bridge with enough room for two vehicles and no more. We scout Altavista looking for a place to stay and found a couple hotels at the other end of town. We picked the cheaper and Brenda checked us in. On our way to town we didn't see any pull off where we could safely stop the rig, so I jacked up the trailer in the hotel parking lot. Brenda grabbed Blackie's water tub and tossed it in the bed of the truck before we headed back down the road.

Bill and Blackie are just a few hundred feet from a road witch intersects with 29. Without the trailer in tow Brenda is able to make a quick stop. The two of them hadn't gotten as far as we expected. Blackie seemed kinda tired. We set out Blackie's food and water and make some sandwiches. Brenda and I head back to wait. The second part of the day takes a while.

We decide to stay down the next day as Blackie obviously needs some rest. Bill calls the Highway Patrol to discuss the road signs. We're relieved to hear that the signs are only meant for sections of 29 main that circumvent towns and cities. Bill also called the Lynchburg Police Department; the person that he needed to talk to wasn't in. I spent the day working on the website, and we all get some much needed rest.

05-04-08 - 05-05-08