Is Blackie OK?

After Blackie had started limping we took him to Rock Bottom Stables to rest. The crew had also rested up and now it was time to get moving again. The question on our minds though was if Blackie was going to be ok. The Rock Bottom Crew accompanied Bill and Blackie on their first trek since he had first started limping.

Bill and Blackie Arrive: Hendersonville, North Carolina

Bills ArrivesBill's mission to ride across the country is complete. Well there is no doubt that Bill and Blackie will have new adventures (the planning of such adventures are being worked out), this journey has finished.

I have been fine tuning the site, making sure it can withstand the onslaught of visitors we have been receiving lately. There is more video from my little Fuji FinePix S700; Brenda asked me to skip ahead and put up the wedding videos, but before that the last video was back in Nashville. I'm "behind"; I'm working on that... In the mean time have a look at the pictures of the Final Ride.

Update: Final Ride: Mama's Pics

Click here to view the gallery pictures.

Tigers Savors

Tigers SavorsUpdate: Pictures here.

Our dog Tiger went missing about a week ago during a storm here in North, Carolina. Usually she is fine outside if there isn't to many distracting things. The night she got lost though a late night storm came through. Tiger is deathly afraid of thunder and lighting and so, I believe she panicked while hopping around (she has three legs) in the woods. She was found nearly eight miles away by Julie and Leyla Metin.

Fox News Phone Interview

Today Brenda, Bill, Dallas and I Traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, to have lunch with Michel. That wasn't what we had in mind when headed out this morning. Fox News requested that Bill come to Charlotte the other day, and Michel came to pick us up and drive us over to Fox's studio. The directions given to him where completely wrong, and so Bill did his interview over the phone. But like Bill says, "crap" happens.