Journey to Washington DC Update The National Memorial Day Parade

The situation is already changing as we prepare to set off once again. Our arrival in Washington DC will be close to the date of The National Memorial Day Parade. As Bill is a Gulf War Veteran it seems natural that he should ride Blackie in the parade.

Bill contacted the American Veterans Center and they expressed enthusiasm in his interest to participate. Right now Bill and Brenda are working on filling out the application to be in the parade, so we don't know for sure if it will happen.

The person he talked to on the phone also suggested an additional mission: to receive letters of thanks and gratitude to be delivered to Vets.

Best Bar None Ranch Georgia Spring Works Gallery

Beautiful sun set on the Best Bar None RanchThe icon of the America cowboy represents a time when our country was rapidly expanding. These free spirits were hard working, determined individuals. The Americans of their time expanded our country through hard work and determination.

The spirit of the America cowboy is still alive and strong even here in eastern United States. Everyday day American men and women work hard to provide for their families. Though times have changed, our spirits have not. With hard work and determination we will remain strong.

Best Bar None Ranch Georgia Spring Works Part 2

On the second day at the Best Bar None Ranch everybody got down to business. The team separated the mama cows from their calves. They then roped, vaccinated, castrated, and branded the calves. I did shoot video of the branding but desided not to use it, though there are some photos of that which will be on shortly.

Best bar None Ranch Karaoke Night The Fireman


In the evening, after moving the Best Bar None Ranch Cattle, Dr. Barnes brought everyone out to a local restaurant. We met J. Scott Thompson just before heading out to eat. Turns out Scott can sing, and although he had never tried karaoke before, it was obvious he had been on a stage before. Scott sings various genres but decided on "The Fireman", which is a country song. You can checkout Scott at: