On to Mountain Home - Journal Entry 4

Gallery - Grandview to Mountain HomeBill gets up at 3 a.m. this morning ready to get a move on. We load up the truck and go to get Blackie. We trailer him back to Grandview and start from where we left off the day before. Today’s journey is 24 miles from Grandview to Mtn. Home, and is the same as days before. There just aren’t as many good places to pull off of the road on this stretch of highway. The Chevron station on the edge of Mountain Home is where we will meet with the police so they can escort us through town. The ladies in charge of the station are very nice and are thrilled to have the famous horse, Blackie, coming to their store. We have a pleasant conversation while I wait for Bill. gallery

When Bill arrives we call the police to let them know we made it. They give us an hour to allow Blackie to rest a little before heading through town. When the policemen arrive there are two motor officers on motorcycles and one cruiser, driven by Sergeant Viola. After some photos are taken we head out. I am so grateful to the officers for helping us through town. There is quite a lot of traffic and I’m sure it would have been very difficult for Bill to make this stretch on his own.

When we make it to the other side of town Sergeant Viola turns right and leads us up the hill. Are we in for a surprise. We didn’t realize that we would be staying in the Hampton Inn. The Hampton is a really nice hotel and the accommodations are luxurious. The General Manager, Denise Barresi, and the Front Office Manager, Greg Chambers, come out to greet us. They are very gracious to host us in this beautiful facility overnight. Sergeant Viola also introduced us to the owner of the Golden Crown Chinese restaurant in town, where we had a delicious dinner. We hear that Helen, who owns this establishment has a really good memory of her customers and what they like to eat. Thank you again to Sergeant Viola and all of the fine people in Mountain Home, Idaho.

We can tell that the people in this town really care about the image of Americans and want it to be known that not all of us are the type of people that are portrayed on the news every day. It would be nice if the major news stations could show just a little of this every hour or so instead of jamming the airwaves with all of the negativity they broadcast. There are a lot of good stories out here too.

We would like to thank the Mountain Home Walmart for donating a $50 gift card that was used food and fuel.


you guys are having way too much fun out there, meeting all the great people in this country of ours. i adore adore you but i am very jealous. hahahaha but having a great time following your journey. you have become a part of my daily routine, checking on your progress and reading about all the places i wish i had the time to visit. God bless you. kisses and hugs...

Please forgive me I'm a bit slow to pick the odvious up sometimes, but I would still like to donate to your adventure. How could I get a check to you? Where are you headed next? MaybeI know some people you could meet up with and I could network so you could meet up or have a place to stay, a meal...I'll be checking your progress as the days progres. happy trails to you, Becky Schiermeier email: omitted