Birdsong Trail Rides: From Brenda's Journal

During our travel across Tennessee, Bob Frost has assisted us in finding accommodations. One of the places he helped us to find is Birdsong Trail Rides. They are located south of Camden, TN in hill country.  What a peaceful, beautiful place. There are great accommodations for campers of all kinds. You can find more information about their facility at: (different site at domain now; Vacuum Reviews? lol) . Bill really enjoyed talking with Mr. Fowler about some of his adventures and his livestock. They also have some very interesting and unusual livestock. If you like horses, nature and the great outdoors this is the place to visit.


When do you expect to arrive in Hendersonville? I have a Sister that lives there and she would very much like to take some pictures for me. I have been following your trip since you left Lebanon. I live in Marcola, OR. I visited Hendersonville this summer and took the article from The Register Guard to the newspaper in Hendersonville. I understand that Brenda's parents live in Hendersonville. Just wondering if my family might know them. Good Luck and a safe "rest on your" journey. Sue Leopard