Comments from Bill on the First 1000 Miles on Horseback

This is the most challenging thing I have ever done and I am bound and determine to see it through. This would not be possible without my team or the support and assistance from our contributors that provide resources that is needed to go each leg of the journey so far.  Thank you all ,you truly show us and hopefully the world what  United States is really made of.

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Bill, We reside in Worcester, Massachusetts and if your itinerary places you in this general area, we( my husband and I) would love if you could stop in for a home cooked meal and I am sure a fascinating conversation. Your quest is both brave and uplifting. Please consider yourself very welcome in our home and if the horse is a problem My very good friend lives in fArm country and we can move the "party" a few miles north. My e-mail is omitted and phone is omitted. Good luck upon the road. Bob Aleknas and Sheila Ryan