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Lose A Shoe Meet Some Amish: Huntingdon Part 2


Randy brought us over to his his Amish friends so Bill could reshoe Blackie. We had been looking for Drill Tech/ Borium for quite some time, and the shoes Blackie had on needed to be replaced. Without Borium the shoes will not have the grip needed on pavement or concrete. In this video Bill removed the old shoes and prepares the hoofs.

Lose A Shoe Meet Some Amish Huntingdon Part 1


Bill nearly made it to Huntingdon when Blackie lost one of his shoes. Luckily Randy, who we had met in the previous town at a restaurant saw Bill and bought us to him. He then brought us to some Amish folks that had a facility to shoe, and more importantly the Drill Tech Bill needed. (Drill Tech is used on steel horseshoes to provide traction and a much more resistant surface.)