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Bill and Blackies New Mission The Journey to Washington DC

The Uncovering America by Horseback crew will be setting off on a new mission; to carry the word of the American people to our representatives in Washington DC. Bill and Blackie will team up once again and carry letters in a bag, which contain your messages.

1. At this time you message can be sent to us via e-mail, or physically handed to us.
2. Your letter must be unsealed and cannot have postage.
3. Letters must have your name & return address, so the representative you wish to contact knows that you are a real person; You are responsible for what you write.
4. Letters must contain the name and address of the representative you wish to contact.
5. We will not edit your letter (though we may reformat it for the internet). We may post your letter on unless you request otherwise. Letters posted on will contain an individuals first name and last initial only (we will not post your mailing address, email address etc. on our website unless you specifically ask that we do so).
6. Additional guidelines will be added if needed.

Bill, "My goal is to uplift the American spirit, raise hope, encourage pride, a sense of adventure and resurrect our sense of unity.  Don’t be afraid to look for opportunity in your community and in other places throughout our great nation!  With determination and courage we can overcome adversity."

The journey begins; 10 am April 13 at Schroader’s Honda in Hendersonville, Nc. everyone is invited to join us and participate in this noble journey.