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Laurel Hill to Newton North Carolina

Mr. Green owner of Greens Cycles, and the infamous Deputy of the Lincoln County Sheriffs Department.Mr. Green owner of Greens Cycles, and Billy Martin with the Lincoln County Sheriffs Department chatted with Bill while he got ready to ride for the day. 

At our first stop, while waiting for Bill, a local electrician by the name of Jonathan Fulbright stopped by to talk to us. We had stopped in the parking lot of a church and he stopped to see if we were the people riding across the country. When Bill arrived Jonathan and Bill got to talking, and not long after Jonny had began grazing Blackie, a few more locals stopped by. Jonathan later brought Bill a halter he had hand tied and a nice check book cover.

Follow Up Status

Bill resetting Blackies shoes - YadkinvilleRight now we're in Yadkinville North Carolina. Looks like its gonna be a late start today. We stayed at the Days in here in town so we could shower, get Internet and sleep in a bed for a change. Bill is resetting some shoes on Blackie right now. I guess the nails he used to put the last pair of shoes were inferior. Brenda is also taking this opportunity to wash some cloths; I washed my cloths last night.

There seems to be something messed up with the truck or our 12v AC adapter, as my laptop is defiantly damaged. I managed to figure out a way to be able to hear sound; disable the laptop speakers in Windows, and plug in my headphones. Like this the on board speakers still play sound, even though they are disabled. The sound from them is trash. Headphones sound fine, so I'll use it like this for now.

Golden Valley to Laurel Hill NC

Cleveland County Deputy J.D. Owen Brought back TigerThe weather on the forth day was a little cloudy, though it wasn't nearly as cold as it had been. Corporal Hardin and a fellow office arrived as we were preparing for the day. The Community Club door had been opened for our use, and I was preparing coffee and oatmeal. Corporal Hardin was unable to escort Bill out of the county, as he had a previous appointment. So another office was assigned. Bill and the officers were talking about the day ahead. No one was paying attention to tiger and somehow she slipped away; sneaky three legged dog! :( We searched the area and called for her but to no avail. There was only so long we could stay, and we told everyone we saw that our Tiger had gone missing. Bill had been gone about an hour before we decided we could no longer wait.

Jon and I drove past Bill. Later Rutherford County Sheriffs Department had to break off at the county line. We stopped at a gas station that was closed, to wait for Bill.  Deputy J.D. Owen with the Cleveland County Sheriff's stopped to talk with us and waited for Bill's arrival. Shortly after Bill arrived, The Shelby Star tracked us down for an interview. The Shelby Star Created a Video while talking to Bill. (link is gone)

Mission Complete: Final Ride - Henderson, North Carolina

This is the video of Bill and Blackie's final ride during their journey from Lebanon, Oregon. We met many kinda and generous people during the trip. On this final day Bill starts off riding with Cheryl. The two make their way to a place called the Opportunity House. When they arrive they are greeted to a crowd of people waiting to meet Bill. At this point more people join Bill, and ride with him to his final destination in Henderson, North Carolina.

Best bar None Ranch Karaoke Night The Fireman


In the evening, after moving the Best Bar None Ranch Cattle, Dr. Barnes brought everyone out to a local restaurant. We met J. Scott Thompson just before heading out to eat. Turns out Scott can sing, and although he had never tried karaoke before, it was obvious he had been on a stage before. Scott sings various genres but decided on "The Fireman", which is a country song. You can checkout Scott at: