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Kersey Pizza Kersey Pizza - Kersey Colorado

This is where I'm at right now! We didn't expect to be in Kersey very long, but we got to talking to people coming and going after we ate some pizza. We meet father and son Barry and Brian and chefs / cashiers / waitresses Kendra, Kendra, and Daniel.
Greeley Colorado Greeley Colorado

We stayed at Island Grove Park in Greeley for two nights. During that time i was able to use the internet there to get the pictures and stories uploaded for Cheyenne. I wasn't able to get as many pictures while there as i would have liked. There will be a proper blog entry soon.
Nunn Colorado - Dan & Dixie Nunn Colorado

We meet Dan and Dixie Rapelje in the town of Nunn Colorado. We parked the trailer at their place and they made us dinner and breakfast the next morning. They also  brought us some water and apples for Blackie the while we where at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley. They also gave us some of their exotic fruit juice XanGo to give to Blackie. Bill said he was acting like a 4 year old after he gave him some of the stuff. You can check out the link to the website to learn more.

Our Time in Cheyenne Wyoming: Part Three

The WranglerThe Wrangler in Cheyenne heard about Bills journey and invited him to come and visit their store. The Wrangler is the Cheyenne store for Corral West and they rigorously maintain that their store used the name “Wrangler” before another company used the name. Store manager Pat McGee and her Ariat representative presented Bill with some cloths and boots to keep him warm and keep his feet in the stirrups. This store has everything western, and prides itself on the quality items they offer the working cowboy. The Wrangler is known far and wide as the store for western apparel.

Bill: “What a store, thanks for the support and friendship!”

Our Time in Cheyenne Wyoming: Part Two

Ride Through CheyenneThe same evening we go into Cheyenne Bill contacted the local police department as he often does. He does this to organize his next step. Each town or city we travel though is different. Local law enforcement is often the best source of information regarding the traffic, laws and frequently places to stay. Occasionally Bill is surprised. He called only to inform them of what he was doing, yet once the CPD heard about our journey, they told Bill that two mounted police would accompany him through town.

The next morning we drove to the fairgrounds. Bill saddled up Blackie and we loaded him into the trailer. From there I drove Bill out to where we stopped the previous day. He would ride from there and meet the officers at a predefined location, and then they would ride together to the Plains Hotel. I made my way back to the fairground to drop off the trailer and then I drove back to the Plains to wait for the riders. Meanwhile Brenda was at the hotel calling press to inform them of our plans.

When they arrived Brenda and I were worried, she had received a call about 30 mins before telling her that the officers where planning to meet Bill at the Old Depot, which is across the street from the Plains. We weren’t sure if Bill was waiting for the officers or if he would arrive alone. Our fears were relieved when we saw Bill with Both officers riding together; I meet with the trio on foot and followed along.

Our Time in Cheyenne Wyoming: Part One

Plains GalleyOn the 16th Bill made it about 8 miles outside of Cheyenne at the end of the day. It was drizzling on and off when I found him.  I drove Bill and Blackie to Cheyenne Frontier Days. We set the horse up with food an water and let our dogs run about and play for awhile.  We then drove to The Historic Plains Hotel.
 Earlier that day Brenda and myself where looking for accommodations for Blackie and ourselves while Bill was riding on highway 130. Of course, the first priority is always the horse. If we find a place for him, we usually can stay where he is if we need too. Straight away Brenda found the grand Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo/ event center. Anyone who loves the western sprit must see this place. They have lots of great stuff to see. Check out their Schedule of Events page if you want to visit.

Rendezvous Lodge

Rendezvous LodgeTaking highway 130 south of Saratoga, Bill rode to the Rendezvous Lodge. We met some great people there. We were planning to camp at a Forest Service campground we saw on the map. The first thing we asked was, "Can we keep a horse here."  At first it appeared we could stay, but the volunteer host made us aware of strict park regulations against horses; there are plenty of animals in the forest, but horses aren’t welcome. We did see some new seedlings planted to fill in the grassy areas, but we would not set Blackies pen anywhere that was environmentally sensitive.

Luckily, Brenda drove down the road and was able to find a great little place along the road called the Rendezvous Lodge; set in a high valley. The people we met there were very welcoming and let us camp there. Blackie enjoyed the tall mountain grass. We enjoyed good company and a meal complements of a man from Nebraska, Tim Blythe (mule man & buck skinner).

Galleries For Wyoming

Vee Bar Guest Ranch

Vee Bar Guest Ranch

This ranch is surrounded by miles of rolling hills covered in grass stretching out to the horizon.

Rendezvous Lodge

Rendezvous Lodge

Brenda stopped in at the Rendezvous Lodge to ask where we could keep Blackie; the camp site we planned on staying at didn't allow horses about 5 miles down the road.

Saratoga: Snowy Range Ambassadors


When we arrived in Saratoga we found friendly people and a relaxing public hot spring.

Cleaning up trailer

Point of Rocks

Cleaning out the debris messy trailer

Journal Entry Blowup

Ok, so Brenda hasn't been able to send me her journal entries and pictures every day. So we were backed up and she asked me to post what she was finally able to send all at once. The events these entries relate to happened days ago; I have no idea when (i hope to get her to date these entries has she writes them).

Brenda Calls With News- Courtesy Ford Repairs Truck

Brenda called just a while ago. Today they went to pickup the truck which was being repaired. Courtesy Ford in Pocatello, ID has generously repaired the truck at no cost. We would like to thank them for their assistance and i will create a banner for them soon to put on our sponsors bar.

After being down for a few days I'm sure Bill and Blackie are "chomping at the bit" ready to go. Brenda was also able to use some ones wireless network last night and sent me all the pictures she has backed up. I've edited them and will begin uploading them after I finish writing this.  gallery

Truck Down: Can the Journey Countiue?

Right now the team is down. The horse, rider, support team, and trailer are now without a truck; relying on Dallas and friendly people they meet to fairy them into town. Without a power source Brenda cannot use the laptop to transfer pictures or write her journal entries. They are stopped at Lava Hotsprings in southeast Idaho, dead in the water, while they wait for an important component of the trip to be repaired.