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Arrival Wichita Local Resident Puts Up Crew

Wichita, Kansas - Part 1The newspaper articles we have been in help spread the word about what we are doing and where we are headed. A Wichita resident saw Blackie in the paper and decided to take a ride outside of town to see if he could find him.

Tom Elliott remembered the horse’s name when he found him with Bill on his back, but couldn’t remember the riders name. He found the horse and rider halfway to their lunch brake. The two got to talking, and Tom invited the horse… Bill, and the rest of the Uncovering America by Horseback to his place when we got into town.

Bill and Brenda discuss the town of Greensburg


Bill and Brenda talk about the town of Greensburg, which was hit by an EF5 tornado. The tornado was estimated to be 1.7 miles in width and traveled for nearly 22 miles. Ninety-five percent of the city was destroyed, and the other five percent was severely damaged.

We know there are people still living in Greensburg, that is what Bill means when he says the people are persevering.

Crew to arrive in Wichita Kansas

MillieThe Uncovering America by Horseback crew (there is four of us) is currently in Kingman Kansas. As horseman Bill Inman and his horse Blackie usually cover 20 mile a day we plan to arrive in Wichita in the next 2 days and plan to stay for approximately 2 days. Our journey isn't only about the ride, as we look for interesting people and places to feature on our website so that we can promote a positive image of America. Our crew consists of Bill Inman (horseman), Brenda Inman (Bills wife, support vehicle driver, cook, manager, etc) Dallas Pepsicola (freelance cameraman), and my self Jonathan Campos (website admin). We would also love to have the opportunity to highlight any aspects of your city that your residents hold dear and are proud of.

Harold Dawley's Bridle Bit Gallery Dodge KS

Wichita, Kansas - Part 1Dodge City resident Harold Dawley has something in his back yard that you might not expect. A man with passion is driven to strive for his goals. Mr. Dawley’s passions for horses, collection, and trading lead him to gather a beautiful collection of bridle bits, spurs, and other misc. items associated with his beloved horse.

Bill and I dropped by to visit Mr. Dawley and explore his inconspicuous museum.

Barbwire was the first thing Mr. Dawley started collecting nearly forty years ago. The first barbwire was made by hand and was quite expensive; "more barbwire can be made in thirty minutes then could be made in three months," Mr. Dawley explained. He had found an unusual wire, unusual because it was made by the railroad. He hunted for the stuff in a five-mile stretch near his home and used it for trading with other collectors. Mr. Dawley had much success with his railroad wire ‘tell someone in Colorado found a huge amount of his special trading item. Luckily he had already traded it for many other items when his wire became worthless. Still Mr. Dawleys days trading fence wire gave him a reputation and so he switched to collecting bridle bits  .If your in Dodge and your interested in meeting Mr. Dawley ask around town about the Bridle Bit Gallery Museum.

Casey's Cowtown - Dodge City, KS

Annette, Jose Sr, Jose Jr, AmayaThe dogs got to run and play while we stayed down for a couple of days in Dodge. Crowds of people usually fill the fenced area behind Casey’s Cowtown, so the large area had plenty of room for the dogs to run around off their leashes and for us to setup the horse panels. Casey’s Cowtown is a restaurant known for their great steaks and friendly family atmosphere.

Garden City - Dodge

Bill SpottedThe wind was blowing and the clouds where dark when we arrived at the Finney County Fairgrounds in Garden City. We settled in and set up our cooking stove to make a bit to eat. We ate then took a walk around.

In the morning, Bill rode out from the fairgrounds and sent Brenda and I on ahead to Dodge. I followed her, we stopped in at a gas station, and Brenda asked to barrow a phone book. She began making calls to find a place for the night. With no luck she asked the casher where the Dodge rodeo/ fairgrounds where located.  We then drove to the grounds to see if we could find someone to ask permission for us to put Blackie there. While talking to the Chamber of Commerce they mentioned that Casey’s Cowtown Steakhouse might have a location for us to stay, so she got their number and gave them a call.

They where more then happy to let us setup the panels in the back. After setting up we went out to find Bill and Blackie. We brought food and water for both horse and rider. Bill then continued on his way to dodge.

Conestoga Energy Partners - Pioneering the Future

Conestoga Energy Partners, LLCThe truck has been out of commission for a couple of days now. Luckily, we just happened to be in the town of Garden City when the breakdown occurred. Yesterday Bill and I took my car to go see the Bonanza BioEnergy Ethanol Plant here in town. While there, we met husband and wife team Dusty and Angie Richardson who invited us to take a tour. Angie guided us through the process of turning plant material such as corn into ethanol.

As one might expect, the process is nearly exact to making a high grain alcohol except the product must be 100% pure. Corn is fermented to produce alcohol, then the solids are removed and finally the remaining water. Click this Wikipedia link to learn about ethanol as a fuel.

Syracuse KS - Camped at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds

Brenda & QueenieThe wide shoulders of the roads here in Kansas are superb for traveling by horseback. The brush is mowed short so that obstacles are easily visible. One of the major problems Bill has had to deal with while riding along highways are the large numbers of beer bottles hidden in the brush. He flinches every time he hears one crunch under Blackie hoofs. A piece of glass in the sole of his foot, the frog, or a piece in the bulbs of his heels could cause a crippling injury.

Coolidge was the first town we stopped at when we got into Kansas and is a small community with a post office and a restaurant.  We didn’t really get to meet anyone here save for postmaster. That night after Bill finished riding we camped out behind the post office.

Riding to Syracuse was uneventful, but we had the opportunity to meet some good people while waiting for Bill just outside of town. They came and spent some time with us while we camped out at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. Bill shared some stories with them while Brenda and I prepared some shis-k-bob.