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Test Ride: Bill Trys Out a Lightweight Saddle

Timberline Saddle CompanyTimberline Saddle Company has given Bill one of their Sidekick saddles to test. The Sidekick is a lightweight saddle which features a specially designed shock-absorbing panel system. All saddles made by Timberline feature this panel system, “which accommodate all gaits in motion.”

A representative with Timberline brought the saddle to us while we where in Springfield Missouri. Bill will provide feedback to Timberline on the saddles durability and performance.

Timberline Saddle Company: “No other saddle will provide what a Timberline saddle can. The fit of the saddle adjusts and flexes with the horses motion to provide pain free movement while being ridden. The fit never changes during any kind of motion.”

IX Web Hosting Blocked Site

Our hosting provider blocked the site because of the huge number of people accessing the site. Im working on a dedicated server. I had to comply with the web host and throttle the max concurrent connections allowed at any one time to 100 in 60 seconds. I'm really sorry, we're working on fixing it. But the good news is that we have had enough donations to pay for the hosting.

Thanks Main Street Feeds

I tryed to reply to some of the many emails we have gotten, but now Brenda is ready to move and that means Bill is riding. He got a late start as there was a thick fog here in Monett, Missouri, which could prove to be a dangerous situation in heavy traffic.

We want to thank Main Street Feeds here in Monett. They helped us get a place to stay for the evening, provied some hay and other stuff and also allowed me to use there internet. I'm actually in their office now. They are working on getting a website, but if you need to contact them you can find their number.

I also want to write a post with a list of the people that donated and will do so in this format - Bill I. I'll try to get access to internet as soon as possible.

Queenie Grass Game

Brenda's dog Queenie loves to snatch grass (or anything else you throw) out of the air. Queen is getting older and isn't quite as fast as she use to be and is missing a few teeth. Still she is in good health. Queenie is a Queensland Heeler cross bread with a rat... I filmed this while we stayed at Joyce's (our friend in Fall River) parents house.

The video is too bright, i usually work on these videos in my car. To keep from having to start my little Honda constantly to keep the juice flowing I turn the brightness down, also the LCD isn't very bright anyway. So i miss judged the brightness.

Influx of of visitors

I'm working on sorting through this huge influx of interest (visitors, comments, emails, donations) in our journey.  Please be patient if the site is slow, I' going to enable caching to help with site response time and will be uploading a new video today also.

In the mean time I would like to know where you found out about us. If you would like to make a comment under this post that would be great.

Just a Quick Post

We haven’t had any comments lately. I believe the spam controls I have set should keep the site free of most, if not all unwanted garbage posts. I’m going to allow the publishing of anonymous comments without my approval; I hope this will encourage people to use that functionality.