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Hoof Care and Basic Horseshoeing Workshop

This is a promotional video for the From the Ground Up - Hoof Care & Basic Horseshoeing Workshops that we are putting on. The Classes are "hands on" and all levels of horsemen and women are encouraged to participate. For now the classes are being held in the North Carolina area.

Bill has been a professional Horseshoer since 1978. His skills where put to the test during his travels across the country.

Understanding Horseshoeing and Hoof Care

“It's amazing how many people don't understand what a correct horse shoeing job should look like.” - Bill Inman.

Join us on August 2nd and 3rd for a two day course on hoof care and an introduction to horse shoeing. This class, presented by Bill Inman, is intended to teach you the basics, including proper handling of a horse's hooves. There will be an informative look at the anatomy of a hoof emphasizing those key aspects that are important to a horse owner, an overview of farrier tools and how to use them, and what to look for in a completed shoe job. Become proactive in your horse's hoof care!

This course is not intended to teach people how to shoe a horse, only to show them the tools and give them the knowledge to maintain healthy hooves, and how to handle emergency situations.

Bill Rides into Washington D.C.

Left to right - Sgt. Charlie Neal, Sgt. Randy Bilder, Officer Adam Stone(on Blackie), Officer Barry Foust and Officer James Giordano with the Arlington County Police Department Bill and Blackie rode the Custis Trail into Arlington, and with a Police escort through Arlington to the Arlington Memorial Bridge. I borrowed a bicycle from Linda Neimeir, and rode with Bill. We started at Bon Air Park where we had camped the night before. We would like to thank Sgt. Charlie Neal, Sgt. Randy Bilder, Officer Adam Stone, Officer Barry Foust and Officer James Giordano with the Arlington County Police Department for helping us through Arlington.

We stopped at The Marine Corps, Iwo Jima Memorial, on the way. There Bill met two Marines, one of whom got on Blackie. After we took some photos at the Iwo Jima Memorial, the officers escorted us up to the Arlington Memorial Bridge where their jurisdiction ended. From there Bill rode over the bridge, by the Washington Monument, and on to the National Mall area where he met with veterans whom he delivered some of the letters of thanks and encouragement he had collected.

Bon Air Park Arlington Virginia

Linda Andress with Bill, Vienna, VirginiaIn the morning at the The Meadowlark Gardens, we met a woman named Linda Andress. Ms. Andress invited us to have lunch with here at her favorite restaurant, the Vienna Inn, which is near the W&OD trail. Veterinarian Linda Neimeir also came out to ride with Bill.

The town of Vienna was having a festival, when Brenda and I arrived. Brenda had to park the truck at a local high school; there just wasn't anywhere else to park. We spotted Ms. Neimeir's truck and trailer at the school. She didn't have anyone to drive for her, so she parked there, then rode to meet Bill. That didn't quite workout as planned, as the trail is split in some sections. The paved sections are mainly for bicycles. Bill was switching back and forth and Ms. Neimeir missed him somewhere along the way.

Anyway, when everyone finally met up we walked over to the Vienna Inn. Ms. Neimeir watched the horses while we went in to eat. After lunch we said good bye to  Ms. Neimeir and  Ms. Andress and hit the road again. We drove on to our next camp site for the night.