Birdsong Trail Rides: From Brenda's Journal

During our travel across Tennessee, Bob Frost has assisted us in finding accommodations. One of the places he helped us to find is Birdsong Trail Rides. They are located south of Camden, TN in hill country.  What a peaceful, beautiful place. There are great accommodations for campers of all kinds. You can find more information about their facility at: (different site at domain now; Vacuum Reviews? lol) . Bill really enjoyed talking with Mr. Fowler about some of his adventures and his livestock. They also have some very interesting and unusual livestock. If you like horses, nature and the great outdoors this is the place to visit.

Vet Visit

Today Dr. C. Maben Thompson D.V.M. in Crossville, Tennessee came out to check Blackie. Our hostess, Jennifer Parsons, arranged the visit for us. Since he began to exhibit signs of soreness in his left hindquarter/leg, we have been very cautious and observant of the way he travels. He has not exhibited any sign of difficulty or lameness while being ridden. He only seems to be a little sore when resting. Dr Maben thoroughly examined Blackie and found no sign of lameness or other problems. He injected him with Legend which is a drug that helps maintain joint health.

Dr. Maben commented that Blackie's overall condition, and his cardiovascular health was better than many of the horses he examines. When the exam is done, we turn Blackie loose in the pasture and he takes off at a run. No sign of lameness there. We will be adding a supplement of MSM to his diet to further assist with joint health. This is the most difficult part of the journey. The shoulders of the roads are narrow and the terrain is much more steep than any yet. Many of the drivers on the road won't even slow down. Of course the hardest part comes at the end. We will continue to rest Blackie on a regular basis, even if it means riding a day and resting a day. He is our hero!

Thank you Dr. Thompson, for helping us to assure that our horse is in the best condition possible.