Yadkinville to East Bend North Carolina

We headed out of Yadkinville later then we usually do. Bill needed to reset Black's front shoes and replace a piece of Drilltek. Bill had used cheap nails by mistake while he was giving a shoeing lesson. “The inferior nails where sheering off,” he said, “so I put on some Delta nails.” I was able to use this extra time to write a post and Brenda got some clothes washed.  The previous day had been a bit long; the names of roads where different in the map then those posted on signs. Brenda and I ended up driving all over trying to figure it out. As soon as we found a gas station we picked up a local county map.

After leaving Yadkinville we traveled the route that Brenda has mapped out; down Old US-421 then up Falcon Rd. Brenda passed Mt. Bethel Church road about a quarter of a mile as it wasn't marked. We quickly realized the mistake and ended up stopping at a little cafe called Burnettes Place. It was about lunch time so we decided to go in. There where only a few people a first, but after we ordered the place quickly filled with locals. Lots of friendly folks.

Awhile later Bill arrived and also had a bite to eat. The locals redirected Bill farther North along Forbush Rd., and then Indian Heaps Rd. to Highway 67.  It was after 3:00 pm when Bill rode out. Brenda called the East Bend town hall to find out if they knew of a place we could setup camp. Brenda ended up talking to a guy named Bud, and he directed us to the baseball park behind the senior citizens center. We had the camp setup by the time Bill arrived; it was sunny and getting warm, so the sun shade was put up along with the usual panel pen. Bud came over to check on us later. He informed us of the tractor/ truck pull the next evening. Blackie was a bit tired and Bill wanted to replace the nails on Blackie's back shoes, so it seemed like a good time to spend a day down.

Bill had met a woman on his way to East Bend when she was picking up her mail. Bill - “She asked me if I was a local, seems there are trails that I could have taken to the town.” Brenda and I met Angie and her friend Jenny when they stopped by the ball field. Angie rides horse and was intrigued with our travels.

04-23-08 - 04-24-08