Woodrow Baptist Church - Strong Community Bonds

Woodrow Baptist ChurchWhile traveling south on the highway from Brush, Colorado we came to the small hamlet of Woodrow. The town consists of a Post Office, a coffee shop, and a Baptist church. I stopped at the Post Office to inquire about a place to camp for the night. The Postmistress called the wife of the Minister of the church and they agreed to let us stay for the night. I then went back out the highway to meet Bill for what would be the first and only rest stop of the day. We were only able to find one place big enough to get the truck and trailer off the road. I told Bill where we would be staying and after he and Blackie had rested for about 45 minutes, we continued on.

While Jon and I were setting up the pens, the minister’s wife, Melody came to meet us. She is a very pleasant person with a winning smile. She put me at ease right away. She also explained that we were welcome to use the shower and the restrooms inside the church. As she gave me a tour of the church, she also invited me to use the kitchen facilities as needed. This church is very well cared for and it brought memories of my younger days when I regularly attended Morningside Baptist Church in Asheville, NC. There is a feeling of peace inside this church that I haven’t experienced in a long time. Just being here has the ability to remind me of my faith, and of all the things I learned as a child.

Melody then asked if we would like to share in the meal she was preparing for her family that evening. Who can pass up char broiled hamburgers and homemade potato salad!  Thank you Melody for all of your kindness and charity, and many thanks to all of the kind people of the community of Woodrow. If anyone is looking for that sense of community and a really good Sunday sermon, take a Sunday morning drive to the Woodrow Baptist Church.