White Oak Mountain Family Campground to Southside Large Animal Clinic, Virginia

Blackie didn't wanna leave all the grass at White Oak Mountain Family Campground. Brenda and I went on ahead and got back on Highway 29 but stopped at a gas station. We filled up and then I had to use the restroom. By the time I finished Bill had already passed.
Bill rode to Chatham, where he took the business route. Bill - “Chatham was a quaint little town that had a sense of history. I rode right through it, didn't stop for nothing.” Brenda and I stopped a a gas station briefly for a bathroom break, and then we moved on. We stopped at another gas station on Highway 29. There we waited for a few hours. Much of our time is spent waiting and planing. If the truck hadn't screwed up my laptop the first day we set out on this second part of the trip, I could spend this time edition pictures and videos, writing stores etc.

Brenda found out that there was a large animal vet clinic just a couple of miles from the gas station. Brenda does an excellent job of charming people and convincing them to help us. She contacted Southside Large Animal Clinic and shortly later Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) N. Pete Fulper pulled up. While he was speaking to Brenda, Bill and Blackie arrived. DVM Fulper was then able to give Bill the directions to his clinic, after which Brenda and I then followed the veterinarian.

The vet welcomed us into his home. That evening we where treated to steaks, and met some of the members of his family. Bill was also able to acquire the 30 day health certificate required for the Memorial Day Parade and the rabies shot.