What a Blessing Bakery & Deli Amherst, Virginia

Gilbert RoadsWe left the Campbell County Park on Ewing Dr. around 9:30 am with Blackie in the trailer. We folded up the cot, and moved the rest of the stuff in the way to the front part of the trailer. There are two, fifty five gallon, plastic drums filled with feed in the back. It isn't practical to move these to the front, so we loaded Blackie in with those beside him. The water tanks were getting low, and there was quite a bit of trash we needed to dispose of, so we backtracked south on Highway 29 to a gas station. We then drove through Lynchburg and stopped at strip mall in Amherst, Virginia. There were “No pedestrians bicycles, animals, self propelled machinery...” signs to this point. We still don't understand what these signs are really about. There seemed to be plenty of shoulder on the road.

Although Bill would like to ride as many miles as possible, our main goal is getting Bill and Blackie to the Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC, safely and on time. Still, trailering defeats Bills philosophy of slowing down his pace to find interesting places, individuals, etc. Our spirits were a bit down when we stopped in Amherst, Virginia. Brenda parked in a strip mall off the highway and started contacting local organizations. Bill and I were debating over grabbing a burger from a nearby fast food joint.

After talking to a few individuals Brenda was able to secure a place for the crew to stop that evening. She gave Bill his “marching orders”, as he likes to say, and sent him on his way. A few minutes later Brenda spotted Bill returning. “There must be something wrong,” she said. Brenda walked over to meet him. It turned out that there wasn't anything wrong. Bill came back because a local offered to feed us lunch. We moved the truck and trailer a bit closer to What a Blessing Bakery & Deli which was in the same strip mall. Mr. and Mrs. Rose have been the proprietors of this little deli for about ten years. Mr. Rose was a machinist before he decided to help his wife realize her dream of running a bakery.

About two and a half years after opening the shop, it was expanded, and they now offer soups, salads, sandwiches, a lunch buffet, and more. What a Blessing Bakery and Deli is a very quite and relaxing place to eat. Brenda remarked: “This feels like I'm eating Sunday dinner at grandma's.” We enjoyed the buffet which included delicious pan fried chicken. Our day was looking better already! After we finished our meals Bill and Mr. Rose visited awhile before we had to head out. As we were leaving we received a box of baked goods from Mr Rose. I'm glad we didn't eat fast food! We wouldn't have had room for real food.

We then made our way for Clifford Baptist Church, our next stop.