We're still alive!

We didn't die, we've just been out in the Oregon rangeland between Crane and Jentura. It's been at least 5 days since i have had access to the internet and I have allot to do. There will be some pictures soon (after i upload them) and a full post. Check back soon!


Hi, Bill! We are all together in Norway and had to check in to see how your journey is going. Mom and 101 will be leaving Oslo today and taking a cruise all the way to St Petersburg Russia! That's a little different kind of trip than you are making right now! They've been with me in the mountains of Norway for the last week and say they have "fallen in love" with the nature. But, I guess nothing could ever beat the nature in the "good ole USA"! Lots of Love and Warm Thoughts, Laura, Mom, 101 (Tarcy) and Odd

I couldnt even get you through the cell phone! Your "family" in Tumalo.