Understanding Horseshoeing and Hoof Care

“It's amazing how many people don't understand what a correct horse shoeing job should look like.” - Bill Inman.

Join us on August 2nd and 3rd for a two day course on hoof care and an introduction to horse shoeing. This class, presented by Bill Inman, is intended to teach you the basics, including proper handling of a horse's hooves. There will be an informative look at the anatomy of a hoof emphasizing those key aspects that are important to a horse owner, an overview of farrier tools and how to use them, and what to look for in a completed shoe job. Become proactive in your horse's hoof care!

This course is not intended to teach people how to shoe a horse, only to show them the tools and give them the knowledge to maintain healthy hooves, and how to handle emergency situations.

Topics Covered

  • Tools of the Trade: An overview of which tools are invaluable to the horse owner.
  • Hoof Anatomy: Information every horseman and horsewoman should know.
  • Hoof Handling:  Learn the proper way to hold a hoof so that both your hands are free to work.
  • Shoeing: Bill will shoe a horse, while explaining in laymans terms important aspects a horse owner should be aware of.
  • Hands on Time: You will have a chance to get hands on at your discretion.
  • Introduction to Horseshoes: The proper shoe for each situation.
  • The End Result: Bill will explain how the angle of the hoof and other aspects play a role in the way a horse travels.
  • Get Involved: Learn what to look for in a shoe job and what to ask your farrier for before he begins work.

Bill would also like to invite everyone to participate in a friendly roping lesson and get together. Show your stuff and teach others, or learn from Bill and others! This will be an optional event after the initial class on Horseshoeing and Hoof Care and should be fun for all.

This class on Horseshoeing and Hoof Care will be filmed and rendered as an instructional video which you will have a chance to purchase when it is released. You will be asked to sign a release before we accept your payment for the class.