Two more articles: Corvallis Gazette- Times, Albany Democrat- Herald

Yet another couple of articles in a local papers. You can check out the Corvallis Gazette- Times(, and the Albany Democrat- Herald (

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We are two hikers and mountain climbers who have hike and climbed in Central Oregon for 40 years. Ron Mcauliffe from Stayton and myself Larry Schmidt from Lebanon I first saw Bill and his horse and learned of his cross country journey at the Lebanon Strawberry Festival on June 2nd. The next time we saw him was at Tombstone Summit on June 7. Which was our staging area for our hike up Browder Ridge.We had a long talk with him about his plans, He was cold and wet, having just finished riding up the Old Santiam Wagon Road from the Mountain House. We knew what he had just been through, having been up that trail.many times in the past. Bill--We wish you well and Godspeed on you amazing trip. Larry Schmidt Ron Mcauliffe