Tryon to Rutherfordton NC

Shortly after the sheriff stopped, Bill and his mounted escort arrived.Since our first stop in Tyon, we have camped out everyday. We made our way down 108 on to Rutherfordton. Lt. Chris Adkins with the Rutherford County Sheriff's Dept met Jon and I at a gas station at the intersection of Hwy 9 and Hwy 108. The Lt.  and I learned that the mounted patrol was planning to meet up with Bill at the Polk/ Rutherford county line. Bill only stopped for a brief moment; he took off before grabbing a bite to eat. 

We went on ahead. Jon and I waited about 2 miles out of Rutherfordton. While waiting, Sheriff Jack Conner came by and stopped to chat for a minute. He contacted the press for us and let them know about our journey. Bill and Blackie had some food and drink before the group continued on to town. Lt. Adkins, who is also captain of the S.W.A.T. team, found a place for us to camp at the Southern Baptist Church. Thankfully water and electricity where available there, allowing us to replenish our tanks and run a heater. 

As we began to setup for the evening friends and family of the mounted patrol officers came to meet with them. Throughout the afternoon more friendly people came to greet us, overwhelming us with gifts of food. No way North Carolina folks would let anyone starve.