The trek to Fairfield: Journal Entry 8

Fairfield to Summit Coy CreekToday’s ride is really short in comparison to others. The trip to Fairfield, where we will spend the night so we can meet with reporters from Twin Falls Times-News (link to their article about Bill), is uneventful. As I wait at one point by another historic marker, a deputy stops to see if I need any help. I explain our journey to him and he is really interested in following our progress. I also ask him about the shortcut we want to take to avoid all the traffic going into Hailey. He tells me that it is a passable road but could be pretty rough in spots. By rough, he means washboard rough. After a brief conversation, he wishes us luck and returns to his duties of trying to help keep us all safe. gallery

As I pull into the Prairie Inn where we will stay for the night, I realize that Bill is only about an hour behind me. This really is a short ride today. I check us in and look for a place to set up the pens for Blackie. The owner of the hotel tells me to put him at the west end of the building and we will have a room where we can look right out the window and see the horse and trailer. The couple who own and operate this establishment are accommodating and are mindful of our fading budget. This is yet another jewel in the wilderness. You wouldn’t really expect to find such nice, comfortable accommodations this far from a big town. We are really pleasantly surprised by the clean, affordable comfort available here. The Prairie Kitchen is just across the parking lot. If you want pizza you can take the short drive into the historic city center. This town is growing because of a ski resort being built at Soldier Mountain. I sure hope that with this growth the town can keep its charm.

I had the chance to meet a really good photographer. She works in the visitor information caboose. I have a copy of some of her really beautiful photographs and will send them to Jon to post. This lady does really has an eye for capturing the moment. Look for her work on our site soon. I have to send the photo’s to Jon through snail mail as they are on a CD.


It was realyy great to meet allof you at the Fairfield Cafe. We do hope that you continue to have an exciting trip. We have now logged in (after severe computer crash and a new one installed) as members and hope to follow you the rest of the way. Good Luck! Bob and Robin Young Boise, Idaho

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement for continuing the journey.
Sorry for the delay on responding and hopefully you guys continue to monitor the web site
Thanks  Bill