Tigers Savors

Tigers SavorsUpdate: Pictures here.

Our dog Tiger went missing about a week ago during a storm here in North, Carolina. Usually she is fine outside if there isn't to many distracting things. The night she got lost though a late night storm came through. Tiger is deathly afraid of thunder and lighting and so, I believe she panicked while hopping around (she has three legs) in the woods. She was found nearly eight miles away by Julie and Leyla Metin.

She was gone for two days before we got her back. Brenda's mom, Mama, made some phone calls that morning to some of her neighbors. Her first lead was from a guy named Tyler. He spotted her outside his house and brought her in. It was apparent she wasn't happy so he let her out. Mama, Brenda, and I searched for her the next couple of days, handing out fliers with her picture. We asked the local animal shelter to give us a call if anyone found her. We had another lead the second day. A family we talked to said they woke up, the night she had gone missing, to a strange sound at their front door. When I showed them the picture they immediately recognized her. It was Tigers big tail smacking their door at 2 am. They said she was, “acting like she owned the place.” Hearing this encouraged me, and finding her seemed more hopeful.

In the afternoon Mama got a call from Julie who had found Tiger on a busy street near a major highway in Asheville. She put Tiger in her car and brought her home. Tiger made such an impression on the family, that they were ready to keep her if no one claimed her. Julie did a little investigating of her own and called the number on Tigers dog tag. From there she was able to get our phone number. Julies kind heart is an example of what we found throughout this great nation.