Through Sisters on to Tumalo

Thanks Cascade Fitness Health ClubWe broke camp Monday and Bill rode into Sisters. There we met Jim Cornelious with The Nugget Newspaper. Sussie out of Tumalo also came to met us. After the meeting, he left Sisters on Highway 20. Bill made it to Tumalo at about 4pm. Sussie and her husband Jorgen offered to let us park our vehicles at their place, so we took them up on the offer.

I believe Bill is going to travel around the outskirts of Bend to avoid the congestion several people have warned us about. Blackie needs a couple of nails replaced on his shoes; I'll get a few pictures of that.

Bill, Dallas and I would like to thank Cascade Fitness Health Club for allowing us to use their shower facilities at no cost.


I saw you, Bill Inman, although I didn't know your story until today. I did a double take. There are plenty of people in Central Oregon riding, but you can tell a true horseman by his easy seat and and the way his pony steps out under him. I was impressed, and wondered who that good rider with the nice horse was - someone sensible, obviously, as you were wearing long sleeves, a hat and red on a major highway. Good Luck on your journey! Your trip reminds me of the trip from Maine to Los Angeles undertaken in 1958 by Messanie Wilkins. She wrote "Last of the Saddle Tramps" regarding her journey. (Out of Print, but available at The Long Riders Guild online) Too bad you were not travelling our way - up Hwy 97 in between Redmond and Bend there's 25 acres at Martingale Equine Stables you and Blackie would have been welcome, but it sounds as though all went well, anyway. Take care and look us up at (domain lost) if you have time. I admire this undertaking of yours and trust God will watch over you - Sincerely, Gabriel Denison