Thanks Main Street Feeds

I tryed to reply to some of the many emails we have gotten, but now Brenda is ready to move and that means Bill is riding. He got a late start as there was a thick fog here in Monett, Missouri, which could prove to be a dangerous situation in heavy traffic.

We want to thank Main Street Feeds here in Monett. They helped us get a place to stay for the evening, provied some hay and other stuff and also allowed me to use there internet. I'm actually in their office now. They are working on getting a website, but if you need to contact them you can find their number.

I also want to write a post with a list of the people that donated and will do so in this format - Bill I. I'll try to get access to internet as soon as possible.


So today (11/13/07) I was on and I was reading about your journey and it had said that you would be going through Missouri. So I went to your website to try and see where in Missouri you would be going and I noticed a post that was thanking Main Street Feeds, and I thought huh that's kinda weird, there is a Main Street Feeds where I live. Then, I scrolled down and realized it said Monett, Missouri....I thought holy cow that's here!! I then remembered that yesterday my friend and I were driving through town and we saw a guy on a horse and my friend made the comment on how fun it would be to ride a horse around everwhere and then I realized it was you! I wish we would have known you were coming because we would have loved to do something to help! If you come back through on your way back make sure everyone knows your coming!!

I love what you are doing! Maybe it will become an annual event like the Seattle to Portland bike ride (STP). This is a great REALITY event! I love your down home approach. Also love the home videos! including the cornbread, dog's fighting and close-up of Blackie. I wanna go!!!!!

God bless you and keep you safe on your journey. You remind me so much of my Father...except he rides a Harley ;).

If you make it to Vermont or massachusetts you have a place to stay!! Also 100 acres and stables for the horse!!! Email goodluck and feel free to come stay with us!!!