Thank You W Bailey Allen and Arthur L Cole

One of Bill's back teeth have been bothering him really bad and we finally convinced him to go get it checked out. W. Bailey Allen, Jr D.D.S. was the first dentist to see Bill. He had a look at Bill and found that his tooth was cracked. The visit was on very short notice and was free of charge. His recommendation was that Bill get a root canal and a dental crown. Mr. Allen is a Tennessee Walking Horse breeder and shower.

The second dentist to look at Bill was Arthur L. Cole D.D.S Endodontist, and is a quarter horse enthusiast. Mr. Cole rearranged his scheduled patients to perform the root canal, which Bill desperately needed to relieve his pain. His donated services are much appreciated.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our good friend Bob Frost. His continued support has been phenomenal.  The dentists Bill saw today are acquaintances of Bob's. Both dentists are located in Clarksville, Tennessee.


Bailey Allen is my Daddy! I'm his daughter and although I'm in North Carolina attending Appalachian State University, I have to say that I am both proud and excited that you stopped in his office along your endeavor. I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your journey and may God be with you. Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth, Though I have not seen you in quite some time, I keep track of you through your Dad. I am so glad that you are following the journey of this Long Rider. Please spread the word; and, if possible, attend the conclusion of the journey in Hendersonville, NC. I plan on being there. BOB FROST PS: I can be reached at omitted