Test Ride: Bill Trys Out a Lightweight Saddle

Timberline Saddle CompanyTimberline Saddle Company has given Bill one of their Sidekick saddles to test. The Sidekick is a lightweight saddle which features a specially designed shock-absorbing panel system. All saddles made by Timberline feature this panel system, “which accommodate all gaits in motion.”

A representative with Timberline brought the saddle to us while we where in Springfield Missouri. Bill will provide feedback to Timberline on the saddles durability and performance.

Timberline Saddle Company: “No other saddle will provide what a Timberline saddle can. The fit of the saddle adjusts and flexes with the horses motion to provide pain free movement while being ridden. The fit never changes during any kind of motion.”


Bill still has this saddle on a stand in his office.