Syracuse KS - Camped at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds

Brenda & QueenieThe wide shoulders of the roads here in Kansas are superb for traveling by horseback. The brush is mowed short so that obstacles are easily visible. One of the major problems Bill has had to deal with while riding along highways are the large numbers of beer bottles hidden in the brush. He flinches every time he hears one crunch under Blackie hoofs. A piece of glass in the sole of his foot, the frog, or a piece in the bulbs of his heels could cause a crippling injury.

Coolidge was the first town we stopped at when we got into Kansas and is a small community with a post office and a restaurant.  We didn’t really get to meet anyone here save for postmaster. That night after Bill finished riding we camped out behind the post office.

Riding to Syracuse was uneventful, but we had the opportunity to meet some good people while waiting for Bill just outside of town. They came and spent some time with us while we camped out at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. Bill shared some stories with them while Brenda and I prepared some shis-k-bob.


You guys were on the front page of the paper here in Syracuse last week. Thanks for stopping by to see us. :) Crystal Lampe