Square Dancing Fundraiser: Plus Unlimited

The Square Dancing group Plus Unlimited organized a benefit square dance for Uncovering America by Horseback on Tuesday December 11th at Christ Lutheran Church at 29 Haywood Lane which is south of Nashville, Tennessee. This event is sure to be a lot of fun for everybody. We would love to have everyone attend.  No reservations are necessary; bring your dancing boots!


This is Bill's Aunt Marcia (local Nashville area). I did a double-check on the church address it is: - omitted - Be there, or Be Square (dancin', that is).

I just got into your website. God Bless those who are supporting you on your adventure with the fundraiser dance. I am from Marcola, OR and visited Hendersonville, N.C. in July of this year. I also took the Eugene Reg. Guard newspaper with an article about your venture to the local paper in Hendersonville while I was there. I have a sister who lives in Hendersonville and would very much like to know when you will be riding into their town and if possible the name of your parents who live there. Wouldn't it be a "small world" if they happened to know each other??? !! If you feel free to send me their names, I would pass them along to my Sister, Loraine Plemmons. She would very much like to be on hand to take some pictures for me. Thank you..God's speed and "Happy Trails to You and Blackie" Sue Leopard

Hi Bill and Brenda, I have been following you online since you were in Lamar. I live in Lamar. I love what you are doing. Are you going to write a book? I'll buy one if you do. Have a safe trip to North Carolina. Also, have a wonderful Christmas and 2008!! What are you going to do after the Holidays? Linda