Sisters Nugget Newspaper

Sisters Nugget NewspaperHere is the article that Jim Cornelius wrote for the Sisters Nugget Newspaper.

On a side note we will be out of cell phone contact for at lest a day, maybe two. I'm using a cellular  broadband modem to run this site so any time that we are unable to get  cell service I will be unable to update the site. We have someone that can check our emails for us, so anything urgent will be taken care of.


Hi, uncle Bill long time no see. I miss you so much and it looks like you are doing great! I am so proud of you and love to see the pictures of you on your adventure. I hope to see you soon tell everyone I said hi! Love always Jenna :)

Love and miss you too! I'm so happy that you are following the journey and can't wait to see you too! Love your uncle Bill May your trails always be happy ones