Scouting Trip to Hailey Idaho: Journal Entry 7

This morning we get up early for the drive to Hailey, Idaho. We stop in Fairfield at the Prairie Kitchen for breakfast. What a treat, I don’t have to cook and we get something other than spam for breakfast. The food here is really good, and the service is good also. After breakfast we head on to Hailey. We are keeping track of the mileage and note that it will most likely take three days to make the trip. Our first plan of action is to find the Chamber of Commerce and see what their recommendations are for us. LOL, it takes us about and hour just to finally find the location of the Chamber of Commerce. It is in the community college building, and sure enough when we get there it is locked up tight. We chat with the lady at the community college, and she informs us that their hours are slightly irregular. We are informed that our best bet for obtaining community information is to go to the police department. We had planned on this visit also so off we go.

We meet with Larry Clark and two other officers to determine the best route to the rodeo grounds where we will stable Blackie while we are in Hailey. So far, law enforcement has been really good to us. The fine officers we meet with are helpful and are interested in Bill’s story. They make plans to escort us through town in the safest and quickest manner so as not to interfere too much with traffic. They also give us tips on who to talk with in the local media. We like to let people know we are coming and what we are all about.

When we are through talking to all the necessary contacts we head back to the ranch. We are concerned with the length of the trip on this really crazy busy Hwy. 20. The folks on this road are in a real hurry to get where they are going. We are looking on the map to see if there is another way to get to Hailey. I notice a road that, if passable, will cut off a full day’s ride. That is a lot on a horse. When we get back to the ranch it’s time to do laundry. Thank goodness we have this option available. I really don’t like using public Laundromats for the simple reason that your clothes never get really clean. They almost always remain stained.

Many thanks again to Paul and Jesse Miller for their kindness.