Sand & Sage Rodeo - Lamar

Sand and Sage RodeoWhen we rolled into Lamar we found the Sand and Sage rodeo grounds busy getting ready for collage rodeo that night. We set up the panels and got settled in among all the fancy shinny horse trailers with living quarters. Brenda told Bill, “Our plain little trailer sure does look like a covered wagon compared to those.” As the action started to gear up, Brenda suggested that Bill saddle up Blackie and give him a play day, socializing him with the other horses.

Blackie loved watching the other horses in action. It probably made him remember his days as a roping horse. Brenda got up on Blackie while we watched the events but she couldn’t get her feet in the stirrups. As she was sitting there, watching the action one of the bucking horses ran right up to the fence in front of her bucking. Blackie freaked out a bit thinking it was going to come through and hit him. He backed up and turned hard. Brenda had to spin him to keep from running into someone’s car. Brenda, “Doin’ that with without stirrups isn’t an easy thing on Blackie. He can turn hard and he isn’t slow. I jokingly told Bill that I should have been qualified for the second round.” We all had a good time and it was the first time I was able to get that close to the action at a rodeo.