Rural Hall to the Mud Hole Near Walnut Cove North Carolina

Brenda and I said our good byes and gave our thanks to the folks at Beaver Creek Farms and headed on past Bill shortly after he left. It can be depressing leaving a lively place and getting back on the road. As soon as we start to get to know people we have to leave. We have done this many times during this cross country trip.

We made a quick stop down the road, and headed to Walnut Cove after. Angie came along from Bever Creek Farms to this point and she took some of Brenda's jeans back home to wash. The rest of the laundry Brenda took to the laundry mat which was near. A previous lead for places to stay didn't pan out, and so Brenda got on the phone. She contacted the Walnut Cove Police Department, and shortly there after Deputy Sink arrived.

Bill was taking a bit longer then normal, and we learned from Deputy Sink that Bill was about a mile north of us; turns out he took a short cut. Deputy Sink Relayed our location and when Bill arrived proceeded to assist us in finding a location to camp.  Deputy Sink contacted an acquaintance and when he confirmed, he gave Bill directions. Brenda and I then followed the Deputy's patrol car to the camp site. Before the Deputy left I learned that he not only works with the Walnut Cove Police Deparment, but also the Sheriffs Department.

It started to sprinkle when Bill arrived and so we setup the Coleman sun canopy, and not a moment to soon as the rain really started to come down before it was full up.  There was plenty of fire wood, as the  area had been logged recently. After dinner Brenda and I gathered firewood as we expected Angie to visit and bring Brenda's jeans.

The rain pored continuously and the area became a mud hole. Not a very likely place to entertain guests, but the owner of the property, Normon Nifong came by to talk. Later a gentlemen we met at Beaver Creek  Farms came by, and when it was dark Angie and her friend arrived; I don't think they expected to find us in such a place lol. After tromping around gathering wood I was covered in red mud.