Route in Tennessee

I think we will be traveling on Highway 104 until we run into Highway 70. We will follow Highway 70 into Nashville. We hope to be in Nashville by the 11th of December. I have been trying to answer e-mails, but it seems that many of the connections I can get access to have that port blocked and itmakes it impossible to send and answer. I hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be posting new stories and videos as soon as Jon is able to get the new server up and running. Please bear with us, the transfer of information takes a while and we only have the one laptop which is old and slow.

Thanks again for all of your support


You can take Hwy 70 all the way to Crossville TN and then 68 might be a good choice from there. Lots of small towns and friendly people along that route! Lebanon TN is on the way on 70 as you begin again from Nashville. :) I heard about you when you came thru Camden TN - which is where I grew up. I still read the local news from there and saw the article about you guys in the Camden Chronicle. I've lived in TN most of my life and would definitely take Hwy 70 as far as I could if I were you. Try pausing by hotels (or coffee places) and you might be able to use their wireless internet for your email! God bless you all along your journey ... especially in this cold weather!