Roaring Highway: Diggins Missouri


We slept on near the road in Diggins and in the morning Bill headed down the road to Mansfield. Bill was upbeat and in a good mood when he started, and was still fresh when he met Brenda and I at the McDonald's down the road.


HI Bill! I was walking today at one of my favorite places with Shelby my dog. I love nature, and horses, but live in the city, so it was awesome to see you. One of my dreams is to plan a Freedom Walk across the country to help other's who have suffered loss and hardship due to a disabling disease. That is what happened to me, and by Gods grace and faith with hard work, I have gained my health back, but I am still fighting to get off of government assistance since I lost everything when I became ill. That is why I am calling it Freedom Walk Foundation. My current website is, and the upcoming one is When I can afford to make a donation for you, I will do so. Blessings and best as you ride to share a positive message. Jane Ellen Whetstone