Rawlins to Saratoga: Journal Entry 32

Snowy Range AmbassadorsIt was morning as we left Rawlins, we had a police escort through town. Bill rode down Main Street through the historic district. We then went through Sinclair, and then Bill got on a dirt, right- of-way track along Highway 80. Millie loves to follow the horse. Sometimes she can be seen walking in his shadow. It’s too bad that there are not more places on this journey where she can walk with Bill and Blackie. Here nearly a mile from the highway running parallel to it, Millie is safe running alongside Blackie.

That night we camp near a rest area along the highway for the night. In the morning we had to put the horse in the trailer for a short distance. The bridge and other obstacles on the highway pose too high a danger, not only for Bill but also the vehicles passing him by. Our first stop was about 10 miles up the road on the side of highway 130. We were told that we needed to take this highway because the scenery is magnificent. As we looked at the map though it was determined that we should trailer the horse over this steep, summit. We are not so arrogant that we will put the health of the horse at risk just so Bill can say he rode him every step of the way. Our journey is about finding good in America, not setting some kind of record.

We arrived in Saratoga pleased to find there is a hot spring here. I contacted the local police department to ask their suggestions in the way of camping or facilities for the horse. They show us a spot near the hot springs so we can use the showers and enjoy the spring. As we are enjoying the soothing hot water, the mayor of Saratoga comes out to meet Bill. He has also approved of our staying near the spring for a couple of days. Saratoga seems like a really nice place to live.

We can really feel a chill in the air at night now and must avoid more delays in heading south. As soon as we make Cheyenne, we will turn south and hope we can avoid cold weather. There has been frost on the roof inside our stock trailer when we wake up for a couple of days now.


your write ups of rawlins and saratoga brought back many childhood memories. i was born in rawlins may 1952. my grand dad was a guard for the old wyoming state penitary. as years went on my family moved to arkansas. my grand mother lived in saratoga until her death. someday i plan on visiting wyoming again. thanks for your articles. Jackie Hardin Malvern, Arkansas