Queenie Grass Game

Brenda's dog Queenie loves to snatch grass (or anything else you throw) out of the air. Queen is getting older and isn't quite as fast as she use to be and is missing a few teeth. Still she is in good health. Queenie is a Queensland Heeler cross bread with a rat... I filmed this while we stayed at Joyce's (our friend in Fall River) parents house.

The video is too bright, i usually work on these videos in my car. To keep from having to start my little Honda constantly to keep the juice flowing I turn the brightness down, also the LCD isn't very bright anyway. So i miss judged the brightness.


If you make your way to Beaver Falls, PA...you can park your horse overnight at my parents' barn. They house one horse there now, used to have more. We can put you up for the night... Denise N