Pocatello: Journal Entry 20

Our first stop this morning is at Corner Store on the Fort Hall reservation. Bill wanted to ride out instead of making coffee. No one is there when I arrive so I try to connect to the internet to get some work done. I hope we don’t keep having this much trouble with our Sprint connection. It sure is overpriced for the service available. The owner of the store arrives and opens the doors to business. Not long after, Bill is here and we are drinking a delicious cup of coffee. During this stop I am in contact with the Pocatello Police department. I speak with Lieutenant Wheatley. He tells me to call when I get to town and he will help us with our route.  gallery

The first stop in town is actually in Chubbuk. I am lucky to find a business that is closed on the edge of town. As soon as I get there I call Lieutenant Wheatley again. He is kind enough to come pick me up and show me the best route around town. He also takes me out to the fairgrounds and introduces me to manager. The manager, Rick, tells me we are welcome to stay during our time in Pocatello. He points out the lower pens in the roping arena and says we can put Blackie there. The lieutenant then takes me back to my vehicle and gives me a map of Pocatello. I am grateful to him for his kindness and consideration. Without the assistance of law enforcement, it would be difficult to ride through the larger cities on our route.

As I wait for Bill, I read the article in the Idaho State Journal. It is well written and makes a good statement about our purpose in the journey we are on. It doesn’t take Bill long to get here. I guess Blackie must have felt like trotting some today. Not five minutes after he gets to the truck, a gentleman calls and introduces himself as J.C. Catlow. He informs us that he made a horseback ride from Nasheville, TN, to Phoenix, AZ, in 1971. He also produced a couple of songs with Eddie Arnold. J.C. offers to buy lunch for us and we are honored to accept. We take the horse to the fairgrounds and get him settled in first. Then it’s off to the Golden Corral for a good lunch. The conversation is pleasant and J.C. offers to let us spend the night so we can get a shower and a good night’s sleep in a real bed. He sure has many interesting tales to tell. Dallas records these and documents them on film.

One of the interesting things in J.C.’s home is his coffee table with all of the articles about his ride decoupaged onto the surface. I attempt to take pictures of them but have difficulty getting the camera to cooperate. I guess that’s what you get when you buy an older camera at a pawn shop. Anyway you can see what I was trying to capture.