Pocatello to Inkom: Journal Entry 23

Our route out of Pocatello includes riding through the old part of town on what is Main Street. This is the route shown to us by Lieutenant Wheatly of the police department. It is a pretty good route. There is a nice bike path for much of the route and the traffic is not bad. While Bill is making this route he meets with some folks who work for the water department in Pocatello. One of the fellows, Dave Wagner offers us a place to stay for the night. He has a set of pens for Blackie and a nice camper for us to sleep in. His boss, Bob Scharfen, and his wife, come over and bring elk steaks for supper. I haven’t had much elk and this is really good. It’s like beef without all the fat and has a unique flavor. We have a good time with these folks. It still amazes me that people can be so generous and kind.

In the morning we have a meeting with Bill Vickers who owns a western store in Pocatello. It is our hope that he will be willing to sponsor a portion of the ride. When we arrive we are a little early but he is ready for us. I will post some a bit of information regarding his history and business savvy in a later post.

When we return to Dave’s house, Bill and Dave decide to put shoes on Dave’s horse so he can ride with Bill a short distance. The two of them seem to be having a good time putting shoes on the horse and Dave is getting a lesson of sorts. He is able to shoe a little already, Bill is just giving him some pointers on how to shape the hoof a little better so the horse will travel easier. When they are done we set out for the next camp which is about 7 miles. The lateness of the hour causes us to only make this short distance. It is close to dark when the guys arrive and we set up the pens quickly with the help of Dave. Bill and Dave spend some time going over the events of the day and then Bill has to take Dave and his horse home. Dave is a real character and a lot of fun. Bill gets along with him like he has known him forever.

We are camped in a sportsman’s access point where the legendary Robbers Roost is located. This is a really scenic and peaceful place. Maybe we will be able to return to this area one day and take a little pack trip up in the mountains. As we sit outside and look at the stars, we see lots of meteors streaking across the night sky. It’s amazing what you can see when you get away from the lights of the city. Millie enjoys this place too. She likes running in the tall grass and sage brush. This will be a good night’s sleep. I am getting really accustomed to the makeshift bed in the front of the trailer. My only concern is that I am going to need a better sleeping bag when it gets cold. The one I use now was a part of that Wal-Mart tent package deal. It’s nice enough it just won’t be any good below about 45 degrees.