Planing for the ride into Washington at Bull Run Regional Park

We camped out at the Bull Run Regional Park from the 18th to the 24th of May. The Bull Run Regional Park was an excellent place for Blackie to rest up. We were a few day ahead of schedule, and still needed to figure out the rest of the routing. Blackie also developed some swelling where ticks had been on his back. As Brenda says,”he's thin skinned.” Veterinarian Linda Neimeir gave Blackie some antibiotics and steroids to help the swelling go down.

Bull Run Regional Park offers the Bull Run-Occoquan Trail, which accommodates hikers and equestrians alike. Bull Run Regional Park also features bathroom, laundry and shower facilities, a water park, a shooting and archery center, and many other outdoor activities.

Instead of attempting to ride Blackie on busy highways to get into Washington D.C., we opted for a compromise. Mary Pascale, who we had meet near Lynchburg, told us of a trail called the W&OD, which is an acronym for The Washington and Old Dominion Railroad. Ms. Pascale recommended that we contact the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, and gave us a directory of names and numbers we could contact.

Through this directory, Bill was able to call Paul Gilbert who is the Executive Director of the NVRPA. Mr. Gilbert was a tremendous help, as he set us up at Bull Run Regional Park, assisted with routing and planning, and also got us in contact with Paul McCray. Mr. McCray is the Director of Park Operations for the NVRPA and is very knowledgeable about the W&OD. With their assistance we were able to develop a plan.