Over the mountains to Hailey: Journal Entry 9

Fairfield to HaileyWe have an audience when we are preparing to ride on this morning. Of course Bill loves to talk to all the folks who want to spend time with him. So it’s a little later when we leave town. After fueling up, and buying a few things at the local market, I head on down the road. I haven’t even gone one mile yet and come upon Bill talking to someone. This gentleman is the J.T. Stroder, Superintendent of the school district in Fairfield. He is a rather pleasant person and Bill is really enjoying the conversation.

As we move on I have a little difficulty finding the right road. I make a wrong turn on Solider road and have to go a few miles to find a place to turn this rig around. When I finally get going in the right direction I drive for about 7 miles to make the first stop. I take some time to play with Millie, our new pup, and prepare the water and geed for Blackie. Since we ate a rather large breakfast a little late this morning I will only make a chicken sandwich for Bill this time. I have never used canned chicken before but it turns out to be rather good. Millie sure likes eating her food with the water from the can.

Before Bill arrives a truck pulls up beside me and I recognize J.T. He gets out of the truck and lets me know he has a couple of bales of hay for us. I am really grateful to all of the kind people who help us along the way like this. Another pleasant surprise, J.T. also has a huge tub full of oats. This will go a long way in helping keep weight on our horse. Many thanks J.T.

When Bill makes it to the trailer I learn that he has been letting J.T.’s children ride Blackie. That is such a thrill for kids. I am so proud of Bill for being so generous with everyone he meets. I guess what they say “What goes around, comes around” is true. Treat other people well and you will be treated well. Do something bad to someone and bad things will happen to you.

After lunch we head on down the road. I notice that the temperature is really climbing today. It is already over 95 degrees. This is going to be a long day. When it gets hot the horse moves slowly. The time just seems to drag; however, we make quite a few miles very quickly today. When we reach the summit, we decide to trailer the horse to a good campsite. We really don’t want to be on this exposed ridge. If the wind picks up it will not be a good place to camp. After about 2 miles we come upon some old sheep corrals. This is a really good place to camp. We don’t have to put the panels up for Blackie and he has some nice soft ground to roll on.

Millie likes this camp site too. She gets to run and play without a leash. Everywhere else we stop on the road she has to be leashed. The traffic is just moving way to fast to take a chance that she will get distracted by something and dart out into the road. After all, everything she sees now is pretty new to her. Up to this point she has just known her little space in the back yard of a ranch. This puppy already knows her name. She is learning “down” too. I think she is going to be a really smart dog. She is having fun exploring all the ground squirrel holes. Let’s just hope there are no badgers close to us. I think Millie would try to play with one.


marileeworley just checking in to see how far you have gotten. Looks like your trip is going great and the Lord is looking over you as well. Safe traveling. Check in tommorrow. (cascade dr Lebanon)