Our Time in Cheyenne Wyoming: Part Two

Ride Through CheyenneThe same evening we go into Cheyenne Bill contacted the local police department as he often does. He does this to organize his next step. Each town or city we travel though is different. Local law enforcement is often the best source of information regarding the traffic, laws and frequently places to stay. Occasionally Bill is surprised. He called only to inform them of what he was doing, yet once the CPD heard about our journey, they told Bill that two mounted police would accompany him through town.

The next morning we drove to the fairgrounds. Bill saddled up Blackie and we loaded him into the trailer. From there I drove Bill out to where we stopped the previous day. He would ride from there and meet the officers at a predefined location, and then they would ride together to the Plains Hotel. I made my way back to the fairground to drop off the trailer and then I drove back to the Plains to wait for the riders. Meanwhile Brenda was at the hotel calling press to inform them of our plans.

When they arrived Brenda and I were worried, she had received a call about 30 mins before telling her that the officers where planning to meet Bill at the Old Depot, which is across the street from the Plains. We weren’t sure if Bill was waiting for the officers or if he would arrive alone. Our fears were relieved when we saw Bill with Both officers riding together; I meet with the trio on foot and followed along.

Officers Larry Spier and Becky Juschka proceeded to take Bill on a tour of their town. The first stop was the new livery stables for the mounted police. Director of the Visitors Bureau Darren Rudloff proudly presented the nearly ready accommodations. The stables will be a staging area for the mounted officers and the horses. Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply donated the stalls for the stables.

The group proceeded to tour the city. I learned there are six officers that are a part of the mounted CPD, four males and two females including the chief. They must also supply their own horses, tack, and trailers. Still this is a voluntary troop and it is obvious they are enjoying the ride through town. The mounted officers play a important role in keeping the piece during large events such as those during Frontier Days celebration.

After taking a brake outside the Plains, the officers rode with Bill back to Frontier Days to put Blackie up for the night. I met them there and took Bill Back to the Plains.