Oregon Rangeland

Cattle CountryWe are traveling though Oregon rangeland country, taking the long dirt road between Crain and Juntura. We then headed to Vale and are roughly 10 miles from there. Since we left Burns, it has become impossible to receive cell phone service. It has also become difficult to find fuel.

When we look for camp sites, we usually try to find a place that is flat, shady, and is free of Cheat Grass. I have done some hiking while Bill and Blackie have their downtime in the evenings. I took along the camera with me and got some shots of the landscape from up on the valley edge.

-The pictures take awhile to upload  so expect them soon.

-UPDATE: 59 pictures uploaded to the Desert Rangeland gallery.


Hi Bill, Me and Jackie and the boys have been tracking your progress. I know you are loving getting to take this kind of journey. Hope you find all kinds of good things to report on in the US, and can't wait to say hi when you make it to this side of the country. Guess that will be about 6 months from now? But we'll be watching till then. Take care, your little sis-in-law Linda

Bill, I am following your journey with bated breath. My family lives in Twin Falls Idaho, and i have driven that route many times. What an undertaking! How s Blackie holding up, and what are you feeding him? I was very interested in the shoes you had fitted for him. Are you riding cross country out of Juntura, or sticking to the roads? I am full of questions. Have a Happy 4th! Gabriel Denison, Martingale Equine