The Mud Hole to Madison North Carolina

It rained all night at the mud hole. In th morning it had stopped, making it easier to take down the canopy and load up the panels. Brenda and I headed to Madison, North Carolina hoping to get a hotel room, so we all could shower, since we hadn't had one since Yadkinville. The rain started up again on our way to town, lucky for Bill he had his plastic rain coat with him. Brenda made some calls and found that the Budget Inn was the only motel in town (or near town).
We're not to picky, although it would have been nice if the Budget Inn would have had internet, all we really wanted was some beds and a shower. Our first clue that this wasn't going to be a 4 star place should have been the sign that said no refunds. I think next time we see such a sign we will ask to see the room which we will be staying in before we pay.

Anyway the room was completely filthy, and although I wasn't to keen on posting them before, after taking a second look at the pictures Brenda took I have decided to post them. There where roach traps in various corners, thick layers of dust which looked more like mud on the outlets, molding etc, cigarette burns in the carpet, stains all over the walls, and cobwebs in the ceiling. The door had been repaired where it looked like someone had kicked it in, and the wall had been sloppily repaired where someone probably punched the wall or something. At least we got to take showers. Anyway take a look at the pictures.