Mountain home to Camas - Journal Entry 5

Mountian Home to Little CamasThis morning we wake up at 4:30 a.m. Bill is ready to go. I am enjoying this great room. I take some time to work on the computer while the internet is available. The reception on this Sprint connection is not really what we had been told it would be. There are very few places where we travel that have connectivity. When it is available it is tortuously slow. It can take up to 1 hour to e mail a group of pictures to Jon, even though they have been compressed or zipped. Dallas comes to the room for a minute while I am trying to connect to the high speed available in the hotel. I just can’t seem to get it to work. Jon is much better than I am with computers. He is missed on this leg of the journey and I hope he can join us again soon.

Blackie was looking a little tired today at the second stop. The last few legs of the journey have been longer than planned. This stop came after almost 6 miles. Clarence Miller stopped there with me to wait on Bill. As he topped the hill we could see he had picked up an escort. Two Idaho State Troopers were with him with their lights on. I missed that shot because I was busy getting water and feed for the horse.

When they arrived we talked with them about our project. One of the guys got on Blackie for a photo. These are some really nice troopers and seem very concerned with the image of America that is being portrayed on the major news channels. They offer to escort Bill for a ways on this road full of high speed fools. Why can’t people see how dangerous speeding is and how harmful it is to our environment? They can’t find happiness in their back yards so they run around looking for it. gallery

Camped near Little Camas

When we complete the day’s ride we travel to a camp site on some property where Clarence’s son, Paul is running some cattle. This is what we call a “dry” camp. There is no running water and we will sleep in the front of the gooseneck trailer. Our camp is in a valley where there is an indication of a seasonal creek. There is a big hill right next to us. We are far enough from the road so we won’t be bothered by the noise of traffic.

As we are relaxing in the shade of the trailer, Paul and his wife Jesse show up with a delicious desert for us. What a treat after days of sardines, corned beef and spam. We don’t have refrigeration and it is too difficult to try to keep enough ice to carry fresh meat or vegetables. In this heat wave ice barely lasts a day. That can really get expensive, so canned goods rule our diet.

After some good conversation with Paul and Jesse we are ready to try to sleep some. The mosquitoes here are not too bad but we load up on repellent to try and avoid being bitten. We are in an area where West Nile virus has been confirmed. Even with heavy use of repellent we still get mosquito bites. I sure hope we don’t get sick. The horse is fine as he has been receiving the vaccines for 6 years now.