The Miller Family in Bruneau - Journal Entry 3

When we reach Grandview we meet up with Clarence Miller. He is a long time rancher from the area who Bill met in Juntura, Oregon. We will spend some time with him, tour the area, and enjoy the company of his wonderful family. Since Bruneau is out of our planned route we transport Blackie in our trailer. Blackie is being stabled at Sandy Black’s facility. (See the Gallery for photos). This is a nice place for horses and has an indoor arena where the horse can be in the shade and away from bugs. Thanks again for allowing Blackie to stay with you. gallery

After we take care of the horse we drive on to Clarence’s home. His daughter Lisa greets us warmly when we arrive. She has prepared a huge meal. We don’t get this good home cooking when we are camping. Lisa’s children are friendly and welcome us into their home. It’s not long until they adopt us as their family too. What a wonderful experience. After a hot shower, a really great dinner and some conversation, I retire to the comfort of the room that Lisa has prepared for us. I think I’m going to watch some television, but it probably only takes about 15 minutes for me to fall fast asleep.

The next thing I am aware of it is 6 a.m. Time to get up and prepare for a busy day of touring the area, and traveling to Mountain Home (by car) to meet with the Police department and make arrangements to travel safely through their city.
Clarence introduces us to the Chief of Police, Tom Berry. After we tell him what our journey is all about, he introduces us to Sergeant Rick Viola, the public affairs officer. Rick is a kind person and is very interested in the project we are working on. He makes arrangements to escort us through this busy small town. He also says he will see about accommodations for us. When we are through talking to Sergeant Viola we head back to the Millers’ home. Thanks again Lisa for all of your gracious kindness in treating us like family.


Hey Linda - wanted to let you know that you were in Grandview not Gooding. That town is further east! Good luck in your travels and Blackie is welcome to stay whenever he wants to again. Sandy