Meadowlark Gardens Regional Park Virginia

After eating lunch at Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque Bill got back on the W&OD. Brenda and I got back on highway 7. Unfortunately we just happened to get back on during a traffic jam. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as it could have been. It's times like this when we wonder if Bill and Blackie are making better time then we are.

The traffic broke up awhile later and we turned off of highway 7 onto Beulah Rd. This evening we would be staying at the Meadowlark Gardens Regional Park. The Meadowlark Gardens isn't somewhere that usually allows people to camp overnight, yet Paul Gilbert made arrangements to allow us park our truck and trailer in the parking lot. Just outside of the gardens is a grass field where we setup the panels.

After we got everything settled, Brenda and I took a tour of the gardens. The Meadowlark Gardens Regional Park is a quite place, full of many wondrous plants. I couldn't pass up the chance to take some pictures here, though there we're many others in the gardens with cameras. A sharp looking blue bird sat still in a small tree while I crept closer while taking pictures. This relaxing setting is quite a contrast to the cars inching forward on the highway.