Making Tracks- Central Oregon

People offen stop to talk to BillAlthough Bill had to replace a couple of nails, Blackies' borium reinforced shoes still look good. Borium is a hard metal that resists wear better then steel shoes alone and provide more traction. Bill fused the borium onto normal steel shoes before we left Lebanon.

We would like to thank Sussie and Jorgen for their hospitality and support. Not only did the make us food and take us out to eat, they also gave us hay and grain for Blackie, and brought two 7 gallon water containers out to our campsite last night and cooked us burgers. Thanks guys!

Bill and Blackie took the scenic route around Bend, using Sussies' instructions. Blackie does not have a problem with cars, but the traffic might have been too much.

The landscape changed quickly, before we knew it we where out in the desert. Only about a week ago, we were in the Cascades, now there are only a few trees on the distant hills. Burns OR is the next city we will pass though; 100 miles by the sign that I see.


Hey, Bill -- Just to let you know that we are watching you from all the way over here in Norway. I'm so proud of you as always. I miss you, but feel a little closer just watching your exciting journey. Stay safe and know I'm thinking of you. I'll try to call you soon, but we have a pretty big time difference! Lots of Love from the land of the midnight sun! Laura (Safa)